Global Business Award

Global Business Award is an honor given to the impact maker in the community in the sector of Business, Entrepreneurship and Leadership. The awardee will be honored by Global School of Business Management in collaboration with Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp. The award ceremony will be in-person and is scheduled for 24th July 2022 in Bangkok, Thailand.
Global School of Business Management is a very unique business school offering hybrid Graduate and Doctoral programs to entrepreneurs and business professionals.
The Global Business Award has been initiated to celebrate the finest and bravest risk-taker’s journey and roller coaster ride. For the Global Business Award, we are introducing 10 different categories to honor and recognize the contribution of the awardee in the community and the world as a whole.

Awards Categories

Global Women Entrepreneurs Award

The Global Women Entrepreneurs Award is dedicated to the women around the world who inspire, build, lead and create change. This award will recognize women entrepreneurs leading their venture and impacting the lives of people.

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Global Youth Leadership Award

The Global Youth Leadership Award recognizes the leaders in the diverse sectors and whose stories will inspire the entire world. The nominee of this award must be a role model who inspires others to work collaboratively and creatively.

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Global Social Venture Award

The Global Social Venture Award honors those organizations or ventures working for the betterment of the community and the world as a whole. These ventures have been working to target the root causes of societal problems that need transformational social change.

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Global Emerging Start-up Award

The Global Emerging Start-up Award is awarded to those start-ups committed for social change and impact. The startups that have been working with the motive of solving a social issue or impacting the lives of people will be recognized and awarded.

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Global Tech. Start-up award

The Global Tech. Startup Award will recognize and honor those start-ups that have innovated or used technology to create impact or solve some problems in one way or the other.

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Global Impact Award

The Global Impact Award honors the impact creator. This award aims to highlight and honor the journey and efforts of those young minds working to make a beautiful tomorrow for the community and the entire world.

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Global Entrepreneurs Award

The Global Entrepreneurs Award will be awarded to young entrepreneurs working for the betterment of the community. These entrepreneurs and game-changers will represent diverse communities and countries from various corners of the world.

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Global Youth Icon Award

The Global Youth Icon Award will give special recognition to the award winner on a global level. The award aims to highlight the contribution of the youth in the community and the world as a whole.

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Global Business Award

The Global Business Award is awarded to notable business personals in diverse sectors and creating impact in the community.

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Global Start-up Award

The Global Startup Award selects and honors notable startups that have impacted the community in a positive way and have shown some outstanding achievements. The award seeks to recognize and award remarkable startups that are building innovative products that are creating an impact in the community or are dedicated to solve the issues of community.

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Who can apply?
  • The award is open to all nationalities and age group
  • Young entrepreneurs, Start-ups, Youth Leaders, business personals, corporate house, NGOs/INGOs, Bank, micro-finance, Schools, Colleges, Universities are eligible to apply
Application Procedure

Application Phase

  • Submit your application through our online portal.
  • Please make sure to submit all the relevant details that can help us recognize your contributions.

Selection Phase

  • Upon Submission of your application, our selection committee will go through your application and do a background study.
  • In case our selection team wants to know more details, then you may receive an email or a call.
  • Only the selected applicants will be notified.


  • After you have been selected, we will be asking you to share your journey and relevant documents for us to prepare your short journey video.

Award Ceremony

  • The award ceremony will be hosted in Bangkok, Thailand this July. The awardee will receive a VIP pass for the event and gala dinner.
  • Selected applicants will be invited to join the award ceremony along with other 200+ participants from 40+ different countries.
  • Invitation for Gala Dinner and Cultural night
  • During the event, your one-shot personal story video will be shared.
  • Share your promo image and story through our social media (award announcement).
  • VIP pass during the award ceremony

Frequently Asked Questions

About Award

The award ceremony will be held in Bangkok, Thailand on 24th July 2022

You will have to select the award category you think will be suitable for you.

We will have only 1 awardee from 1 county for the specific award. The number can increase in case we come across some exceptional candidates.

No, you need not pay any fee to receive the award as it is honorary. However, there will be some charges for entry pass and documentation procedure which you will be notified upon selection.

Application Procedure

The award is open to Young entrepreneurs, Start-ups, Youth Leaders, business personals, corporate houses, NGOs/INGOs, Bank, icro-finance, Schools, Colleges, Universities. There are no age and nationality restrictions.

You need to fill the online application form found on our website.

Our selection team will notify the selected applicants by mid-June.

The application deadline is 30 th June 2022

Visa and Miscellaneous

We will send you all the required documents that are needed for the visa procedure. But we will not be directly involved in your process.

No, the awardee themselves will be responsible for the airfare and accommodation in Thailand.

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