About Global SBM

Global School of Business Management is committed to excellence in teaching, learning, research, and innovation and to develop the global leader willing to create impact in the community.
We engage with people and institutes across the globe to promote diverse cultural understanding, equal learning opportunities for all, and training the world leaders of the next generation. With the unique hybrid education model, Global School of Business Management aims to prepare students with relevant business knowledge, training, and tools so that they can stand out of the crowd.
Global School of Business Management is an affiliated learning center of the Swiss School of Management. The Swiss School of Management has high academic standards and seeks to maintain these standards by recruiting high-caliber students. We offer 12 specialization courses for Master’s Degrees, DBA, PhD.
Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp is an additive to GSBM’s Degree program. GEB is an intensive session that brings together many young minds from around the world and places them on a common platform to innovate and create new startups by collaboration. There are 900+ GEB alumni from 90+ different countries. These alumni have launched over 120+ new ventures raising over $12 million funds. Some of the ideas pitched in the Bootcamp were listed in Forbes 30 Under 30 list whereas some of the participants have got placement in the best universities around the world. Most of the participants have received mentorship through accelerators and incubators.
Join Global School of Business Management and take your unique step to the modern education system.