Student Activities

GSBM Action Learning Programs

Action Learning is all about being engaged in the real- business and the challenges faced every day. These programs are the highlights of our students here at GSBM.

GSBM Business Management Council

GSBM Business Management Council is a student run body of Global School of Business Management. This council will organize and promote various events and seminars to groom the student’s business mindset.

International Immersion Programs

GSBM has introduced International Immersion Programs understanding the imperatives of globalization. This kind of exposure would help our students to enter and increase competitive professions.

GSBM Incubation Centre

GSBM Incubation Centre is a grooming platform for the budding entrepreneurs of Global School of Business Management. We aim to encourage and support our students to actively learn and participate in innovation and entrepreneurial activities.

Internship and Job Placement

GSBM offers unique experience to students to practically learn and sharpen their theoretical skills through short-term internships and Job placement opportunities.


GSBMx is a connecting link between GSBM and our Alumni where notable GSBM alumni will be featured. GSBM will provide these alumni a platform to share their GSBM experience as well as their works and achievements.