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Global School of Business Management is committed to excellence in teaching, learning, research and innovation and to develop the global leader willing to create impact in the community. Join Global School of Business Management and take your unique step to the modern education system.

European degree

Get European Degree offered by Swiss School of Management.

Blended Learning and International tours

Join our online and physical classes and experience the unique hybrid education ever introduced.

Affordable cost

European standard hybrid education and degree at very affordable cost.

Accredited and Quality Certified Swiss Degree

Our courses are fully accredited and quality certified Swiss Degree affiliated by top ranked university.

Seed Funding

Our students get the opportunity to get connected to various funding agencies.

Teamwork and Mentorship

With the major focus on teamwork, GSBM provides mentorship of top-notch mentors.

Accelerators and Incubators

Pitch ideas in front of accelerators and incubators and get funding and mentorship opportunities.

Internship Placement

GSBM provides selected outstanding students with short- term internship opportunities.

Affiliated Institution

Swiss School of Management

The Swiss School of Management is an accredited private institute of higher education with a global outreach.

The Swiss School of Management has high academic standards and seeks to maintain these standards by recruiting high caliber students. SSM is more than just a business school.

Accreditation, Membership and Collaboration

The courses offered at Global School of Business Management are globally recognized. The Swiss School of Management is accredited by Council for Higher Education Accreditation CHEA and International Accreditation Council for Business Education IACBE.

SSM Global Faculty

Massimilano Bracale
Founding President
Robert T. Gharios
Quality and Accreditation Director
Leila Chentouf
Professor, Researcher and Academic Counselor
Rebecca Chung
Professor of International Strategy and Entrepreneurship
Gaetano Pascale
Professor of Criminology
Nada El Shazly
Professor of Economics and Head of FinTech & Blockchain
Elizabeth Soliday – Naui
Professor of International Management and Research
Benedetta Podestà
Professor of Business Law & Ethics

Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp has been introduced as a 4- day educational/leadership session designed for the youth where young innovative minds from around the world are brought together and are placed on a common platform to innovate and create new businesses through collaboration.

GEB 2019 Bangkok(5th Edition) Participants with
Prof. Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Laureate.

GEB Impact Till 7th Edition






Funding Raised


GEB Alumni

GEB Faculty, Mentors and Speakers

Nobel Laureate
Director, Asia School of Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center
Accelerators Guru
Program Manager, Spring Activator Inc. Canada
Managing Partner, NEXEA
World Economic Forum Expert Network Group
Founder, The Unfair Advantage | First Marketing Director, Just Eat UK
Director, International for Circles.life

GEB Global Entrepreneurs

There are 1100+ GEB alumni from 90+ different countries. These alumni have launched over 120+ new ventures raising over $12 million funds. Some of the ideas pitched in the Bootcamp were listed in Forbes 30 Under 30 list whereas some of the participants have got placement in the best universities around the world. Most of the participants have received mentorship through accelerators and incubators.

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Student Activities

GSBM Action Learning Programs

Action Learning is all about being engaged in the real- business and the challenges faced every day. These programs are the highlights of our students here at GSBM.

GSBM Business Management Council

GSBM Business Management Council is a student run body of Global School of Business Management. This council will organize and promote various events and seminars to groom the student’s business mindset.

International Immersion Programs

GSBM has introduced International Immersion Programs understanding the imperatives of globalization. This kind of exposure would help our students to enter and increase competitive professions.

GSBM Incubation Centre

GSBM Incubation Centre is a grooming platform for the budding entrepreneurs of Global School of Business Management. We aim to encourage and support our students to actively learn and participate in innovation and entrepreneurial activities.

Internship and Job Placement

GSBM offers unique experience to students to practically learn and sharpen their theoretical skills through short-term internships and Job placement opportunities.


GSBMx is a connecting link between GSBM and our Alumni where notable GSBM alumni will be featured. GSBM will provide these alumni a platform to share their GSBM experience as well as their works and achievements.